Reacting to Customer Feedback – a new solution for connecting the RDL//Vibe sensors

Can traffic induced vibration damage buildingsThe RDL//Vibe continues to be one our leading products, and the type of applications it is purchased for continues to expand. Thus, the client’s requirements may vary from traditional installations.

Recently, one of our clients in Canada needed to leave the Geophone sensors permanently connected to a critical pipeline for vibration monitoring, but during the evening the base unit would be removed from site for security reasons.

Traditionally the Geophones are hardwired into the  RDL//Vibe base unit PCB, so disconnecting Geophones is not recommended and can be a delicate operation in often difficult open air situations.

The RDL//Vibe Solution

RDL//vibe connectors
RDL//vibe connectors

Caption Data Ltd has added a quick connection solution for the Geophone, using Industrial grade ( MIL-C-5015)  plug and sockets. In addition, dust caps are also provided to ensure no ingress when the Geophones are disconnected from the base station.

Order or Upgrade

The connections can be specified at the point of order, or contact Caption Data Ltd where we would be happy to discuss upgrading existing RDL//Vibe equipment.


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