Real time vibration monitoring on construction sites

Caption Data Real time construction monitoring solutions

With an ever increasing list of checkboxes, hoops to jump through, safety requirements, and along with a focus on sustainable and socially friendly operations in civil and structural engineering, remote monitoring systems can offer a range of benefits.

Remote monitoring systems can offer real time access to data from construction and groundwork activities such as piling, drilling, dewatering, tunnelling, blasting and more. Our systems can capture virtually any shock and vibration control or parameter (Such as PPV, acceleration, velocity and displacement) and transmit the data through the clouds, to provide real time data viewable on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Using our innovative web portal solutions there is no need to to preinstall software which makes data easily accessible whether you are in the office or on the move.

As well as providing constant monitoring, Caption Data remote monitoring systems provide email and SMS alerts based on alarm thresholds which are managed by users via the web portal. The thresholds can be set to any industry standards or otherwise agreed acceptable levels to alert key people before the damage is done, allowing immediate remedial action to be taken.

Benefits of remote monitoring systems

  • Manage risks and help prevent damage from ever occurring
  • Reduce liability for damages
  • Gain a full audit trail on events and alarms
  • Create a culture of awareness

  • Satisfy specifications when tendering for contracts
  • Save time and money
  • And, do all this on the move, from your home or office
  • Remote monitoring around the world

Real time vibration monitoring equipment for construction sites

RDLVibe low profile antenna with two Geophone TRANSPARENT SMALL

RDLVibe (logo) for shock and vibration monitoring

Shock and vibration parameters monitored: PPV, acceleration, velocity and displacement.

Continuously monitor vibration levels on properties and structures near to construction sites with the RDL//Vibe’s tri-axial geophone sensors with optional very low frequency response from 0.3Hz.

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Temperature and humidity monitoring equipment for structural and environmental monitoring

rdl1000-blue transparent small

The RDL//1000 is ideally suited to structural and environmental monitoring applications where sensor wiring is prohibitive and expensive, with battery powered wireless sensors these systems can be quickly deployed and easily managed.

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RDL1000base with two sensors transparent

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