Reducing your carbon footprint with remote monitoring

Climate Wise is a world wide insurance initiative with six core principles:-

  1. Lead in risk analysis
  2. Inform public policy making
  3. Support climate awareness amongst our customers
  4. Incorporate climate change into our investment strategies
  5. Reduce the environmental impact of our business
  6. Report and be accountable

An introduction video can be seen above

The HygroNet remote monitoring system is the tool to enable Damage Restoration organisations to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint as deployment of the technology will:

  • Reduce the amount of technician visits are needed during a typical drying cycle
  • Enable drying of losses to be stopped when the property is dry and not unnecessarily continuing to dry, wasting energy
  • Detect when events such as windows opening, polytents ripping, equipment failures occur – this only ever extends drying cycle time and increases the energy used
  • Remotely switch off equipment

Find out more about the remote monitoring capabilities of the HygroNet here, contact us or check out the related articles below to understand how it’s being used in industry.

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