Reliability issues web enabling your Original Equipment?

frustrations web enabling your Original Equipment

Reliability issues web enabling your Original Equipment? We pride ourselves at Caption Data in being able to bring your machineries operational data to the cloud in a minimal amount of time WITH the maximum amount of reliability.


I commonly have no network access at my machinery locations, how can I retrieve my data? Our systems work seamlessly over the mobile phone network. We utilise fully roaming SIM cards which will pick up any GSM signal that is available.

My machinery has a communications port however I have no idea of how to interface to this? No problem! Our team of engineers have significant depth of knowledge and we are used to a lack of documentation. We can usually find a way to hook into communication ports.

Can I white label the system? No problem, we can make the system appear to be your own in house system giving your customers visibility on a single brand – your brand!

Can I remotely control my machinery? Absolutely yes. The systems we have developed enable full, two way communications. This enables you to press buttons via a browser to control your remote machinery – anywhere in the world.

So what sort of machinery / systems have you experience of? Dehumidifiers, UPS’s, Generators, Energy monitoring, Water quality instruments, Air quality instruments, Pump station control systems, Chillers, Compressors, Heat drying systems, Corrosion monitoring systems,

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