Cloud Based Remote Monitoring for Construction Industry


Our IoT solution means you can easily remotely manage your Construction Projects, monitoring critical vibration levels and making quality decisions from a position of knowledge.

A Single View of Your Construction Sites

View all your construction sites on one international map. Drive efficiency, costs, revenues and customer satisfaction by managing your construction projects in one place, through our cloud-based platform.

Data Transfer for Construction Site Visibility

View the data received from your sites on any device, anywhere and anytime. Stay ahead of the field by setting parameters and alarms to ensure you can respond quickly to changes on site. Whether your construction activities involve piling, demolition and blasting ensure you are aware the levels of vibration occurring on your project sites.

Easy to Install, Configure and Deploy System

Easy to install, it couldn’t be simpler to realise the power of the ‘Internet of Things’ and transform how you monitor your construction sites. Once installed you can monitor your sites, being alerted of events that may be causing unacceptable levels of vibration and acting on the information.

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Here at CDL, our purpose is to harness the Industrial Internet of Things to help power your business. Our mission is to give your business a rapid, seamless and well supported immersion into IoT, de-risking the implementation of your site management strategy by utilising the expertise of our highly skilled teams. Managing multiple construction sites can be a challenge.

We have continuously developed our vibration management solution to deliver the following benefits:

  • Simple and robust at the point of use
  • Low cost/rapid and no tech/low tech deployment, no IT investment involved
  • Rapid ROI through reduced cost, improves site management, operational transparency, etc
  • Reinforces and supports your organisational values and priorities
  • Reduces risks making it easier to adhere to industry standards
  • Speeds and shares insightful decision making
Construction Monitoring


We work with some of the world’s leading and largest businesses, as well as small niche players and have thousands of systems in service across more than a dozen countries. Our cloud-based data platform delivers a true multi lingual and multi time zone experience allowing us to support you locally and internationally. By developing our systems to be self-installed by most clients with no software to buy or load there is little standing in your way of implementing a fully supported and robust Construction monitoring solution.

Case Studies

Vibration Monitoring at the Natural History Museum

Vibration Monitoring at the Natural History Museum

By Callum Davies | August 14, 2015

Earlier this year, Caption Data was commissioned to install vibration monitoring equipment at the Natural History Museum. Since April 2015, a team of conservator’s at the Natural History Museum have been using a remote vibration monitoring system made by Caption Data, to monitor vibration levels surrounding Cranbourne-1, the largest meteorite in the Museum’s collection, while…

Vibration Monitoring During Piling Near Historic Hospital

Vibration Monitoring During Piling Near Historic Hospital

By Callum Davies | August 11, 2015

An increasingly important aspect of project management during construction work, is to understand the impact of ground-borne vibration, on the surrounding community. Caption Data supplied three remote vibration monitoring systems to Morganstone Ltd, a leading construction service provider in Wales to help monitor vibration levels during pile-driving on a site near Cardiff Bay. Pile-driving is…

Caption Data Real time construction monitoring solutions

Real time vibration monitoring on construction sites

By Callum Davies | August 13, 2014

With an ever increasing list of checkboxes, hoops to jump through, safety requirements, and along with a focus on sustainable and socially friendly operations in civil and structural engineering, remote monitoring systems can offer a range of benefits. Remote monitoring systems can offer real time access to data from construction and groundwork activities such as…


Managing and controlling the levels of vibration in a static environment has never been easier with the Nano ULTRA–Vibe. It has been carefully designed to be robust for use in harsh environments such as construction sites, yet simple to use and sensitive enough to capture low frequency vibrations. The Nano ULTRA–Vibe offers wireless mobile connectivity, long battery life (usually 1 - 2 months), trigger alarming (email and SMS), and constant access to data to our secure cloud platform, the CDLSmartHub™, where the raw data can be turned into actionable insights.

From the CDLSmartHub™ you can configure and manage assets, set alarms, view audit trails, integrate and export data, view trends, visualise data and integrate 3rd party analytics. Investing in the Nano ULTRA–Vibe and CDLSmartHub™, gives you access to a fully integrated end-to-end IoT solution to effectively manage your assets.

Discover More About CDL SmartHub

CDL SmartHub

IoT Asset Management Platform

Discover More About Nano ULTRA-Vibe

Nano ULTRA-Vibe

Structural Vibration Cloud Solution

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