Cloud Based Remote Monitoring for Water Requirements

Cloud Based Remote Monitoring for Water Requirements

Remote Monitoring for Water Utilities

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Water Utilities Network Monitoring

Delivering clean water and removing wastewater and sewage from homes and businesses in the UK is a complex process. The infrastructure needed to make this happen includes many components and a vast amount of pipework covering hundreds of miles. Due to its size and how difficult the locations are to work in maintaining these networks presents numerous challenges.

An ever-increasing population along with extreme weather events caused by climate change has put increasing pressure on the water and sewer networks.

Faults in the network can lead to leaks or blockages which can disrupt water supply even causing environmental hazards which can lead to fines for water companies.

Monitoring such a vast network brings issues of its own. Field-based sensors can collect valuable data but often that data is stored onsite with no way of remotely accessing and interpreting the data in real-time. Bringing the data from across the network together is a major challenge for the water sector as collecting the data is a largely manual process. Being able to monitor all aspects of a water network remotely can help the water network operators detect conditions that could cause faults to occur within the infrastructure. Enabling proactive strategies and maintenance can reduce costs and ultimately increase the efficiency and health of the network.

Parameters measured:

  • VOC's
  • CO2
  • Dust
  • Air Quality
  • Sensor Networks
  • Existing Equipment
  • Energy

Get a Single View of Your Water Network

Here at CDL, we harness the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) to help power your business. Our mission is to give your business a rapid, seamless and well supported immersion into IoT, de-risking the implementation of your water monitoring strategy by utilising the expertise of our highly skilled teams.

Our cloud-based, connected, monitoring solutions help your business unlock the power of its data from field-based sensors. This allows you to manage your water monitoring systems in one place and view the live data from your water network on one international map. Improving customer satisfaction, while increasing efficiency and revenue and reducing costs.

Our solutions are easy to deploy, configure transforming the way water networks are monitored. Always get the latest data allowing you to make decisions that could avert damage or faults forming in the network.

Discover More About Nano ULTRA-Edge

The CDLSmartHub by Caption Data provides a live map with all of your sensors and equipment. You can see the live data collected from you water network on any device, anywhere and at any time. This allows you to stay ahead of the field and get constant clarity about your network’s performance.

We have continuously developed our environmental water management solution to deliver the following benefits:

Water Resources
  • Simple and robust at the point of use
  • Proven use cases in key operational infrastructure based applications
  • Scalable, secure, resilient
  • Capability to integrate seamlessly with other management platforms
  • Low cost/rapid and no tech/low tech deployment, no IT investment involved
  • Rapid ROI through reduced cost, improves site management, operational transparency, etc
  • Reinforces and supports your organisational values and priorities
  • Provides vital data to inform analysis and predictive functions
  • Speeds and shares insightful decision making

If you are looking for an easy to install and easy to use, cost effective solution to bring your water network data together then Caption Data can help. If you would like to talk to someone about your data monitoring requirements then get in touch.

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