Remote Generator & UPS Monitoring Systems

Increased Revenue & Reduced Costs

An M2M solution can introduce new value adding sales propositions, more customer touch points and increased market share - whilst reducing costs through better fix first time rates, reduced support call lengths, and reduced service visits.

Instant Alerts via Email & SMS

Our systems can be setup to provide you instant alerts via text and email allowing you to act swifly 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

A Single View of All Systems

View all of your systems on a map or important KPI information in a dashboard with the CDLSmartHub.

Remote Generator Monitoring Dashboards on Multiple devices

Generator & UPS Monitoring Solution

Overview of Remote Generator Monitoring

The last thing you want when a generator or UPS system is needed, is for it to fail. This could be a tiny event that accounts for a mere fraction of the year, however this is exactly what the system has been installed for.

UPS and generator systems do need maintenance from skilled and trained engineers to ensure they work when they are needed.


  • Data analytics, aggregation and visualisation
  • Asset monitoring and management
  • KPI, exception and management reporting
  • Real time data
  • Remote access and diagnostics


  • Simple and robust at point of use
  • Low cost/rapid and no tech/low tech deployment, no IT investment involved
  • Rapid ROI through sales growth, reduced cost, improves customer retention, operational transparency, etc
  • Reinforces and supports your organisational values and priorities
  • Reduces risks
  • Speeds and shares insightful decision making
The Hardware
Easy to Deploy Solutions


Ready to Deploy Generator and UPS Monitoring Systems

A compact, universal, ultra-low power M2M and industrial IOT remote terminal unit for mobile connectivity with SD card, instrument grade I/Os and CDLSmartHub integration for online management. Your data is then securely transferred to our secure servers where it can be accessed via the CDLSmartHub.

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Your Data Transformed with the CDLSmartHub

The CDLSmartHub transforms your raw data into operational knowledge. Through the CDLSmartHub you can manage, monitor and visualise your data in a way that suits you, whether that's in dashboard KPI, graph or global map view.

Generator and UPS Uptime Alerts

Generator or UPS Uptime Alerts via Email and SMS - Custom Notification When You Need Them

Configure your own set of SMS and email alerts, for individual users where required, to ensure you never lose track of what's going on with your assets.

This allows you to react fast to sever situations which provides your clients with a high level of service, but also can prevent further damage which can dramatically reduce costs.

The company we keep

"Caption Data assisted us in integrating the telemetry system seamlessly, quickly and easily into our existing system" - National Utility Sales Manager

“Ease of integration is what we’re about. We were able to implement data from the CDLSmartHub against our standard structure by connecting our servers with Caption Data servers” - Real Time Data Specialist

“The system was able to find mobile network coverage with ease by using roaming sims that offer an uninterrupted supply of data” - Specialist Remote Monitoring Consultant

“The ability to remotely access live motion data from this iconic landmark, and to be able to change the threshold at which we acquire such data has been a tremendous asset for our research project” - Associate Professor

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