Remote Monitoring in Heritage Sites

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Remote Monitoring in Heritage Sites

A complete range of remote monitoring solutions for Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Historic Buildings and the Facilities Managers who look after them..

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Remote Monitoring Systems for Heritage Sites

Unlike new and domestic buildings, heritage buildings such as museums, art galleries, libraries and other historic buildings pose unique challenges to remote monitoring systems.

Challenges which include: stone walls and floors, many floors, size of sites, large number of measurement points, limited number of power sockets (if any) and remote locations.

Wireless Remote Monitoring Equipment

Our remote monitoring systems feature long range wireless sensors, GSM enabled systems, battery or mains powered systems, high gain antennae for maximum signal range and more.

As standard, our systems include remote monitoring and control functionality through our web based, CDLSmartHub, a SaaS platform for system management, data management and data visualisation. Find out more about the CDLSmartHub.

In addition to delivering complete end-to-end remote monitoring solutions, we are proud to work with original sensor and equipment manufacturers to provide remote monitoring capabilities to existing products.

Are you looking to gain real time Structural or Environmental data from your Heritage building(s)?

Parameters measured:

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Moisture
  • CO2
  • Dust
  • Energy
  • HVAC
  • BMS

Products you might be interested in

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The solution connects multiple wireless sensors to a single base station allowing measurement of temperature, humidity, CO2, WME and more. The analogue input wireless sensor option allows not only connectivity to our sensors but, opens up the ability to connect with 1000s of available ‘off the shelf’ sensors, which creates infinite options for accessing the Internet of Things with your sensor network.


Nano ULTRA-III Range

Managing a network of field assets has never been easier with the NanoULTRA – III cellular gateway range. The range provides onboard I/O's, modular I/O expansion, and powerful, user-friendly Modbus communications. The high-resolution data transfer happens seamlessly and securely from multiple assets to our secure cloud platform, the CDLSmartHub™, where the raw data can be turned into actionable insights.

CDL SmartHub

CDL SmartHub

Data is not information and information is not knowledge. Getting data to the cloud safely, with integrity checks, getting configuration instructions back to the sensors (e.g. sampling and reporting frequencies) is just the start. Turning that data into useful information for you is the next step – Insights like dynamic charting, customisable hierarchies, user defined alarm functions, geo-mapping, intuitive work methods.

Case Studies

Vibration Monitoring at the Natural History Museum

Vibration Monitoring at the Natural History Museum Case Study Cover Image

Earlier this year, Caption Data was commissioned to install vibration monitoring equipment at the Natural History Museum.

Since April 2015, a team of conservator’s at the Natural History Museum have been using a remote vibration monitoring system made by Caption Data, to monitor vibration levels surrounding Cranbourne-1, the largest meteorite in the Museum’s collection, while heavy duty work has been completed in close proximity to the meteorite.

Remote environmental monitoring at Westminster Hall

Remote Monitoring at Westminster Hall

The oldest building in the parliamentary estate, Westminster Hall, is now equipped with state-of-the-art environmental monitoring equipment by Caption Data.

Westminster Hall is home to the largest medieval timber roof in Northern Europe. Measuring 21m by 73m (68ft by 240ft) and some 30m tall, the roof was commissioned in 1393 by Richard II, and is still standing.

How can we help you?

Whether you're a conservator, architect, construction company, contractor or sensor manufacturer to the Heritage Industry - we're almost certain we have a remote monitoring solution for you. Leave your details and an outline of what you would like to monitor below and we'll contact you to discuss your requirements.

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