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Remote Monitoring in the Construction Industry

An Overview of Remote Monitoring in Construction Sites

Caption Data have been delivering remote monitoring solutions to the construction industry since 2008.

Tate Modern


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One key area for remote monitoring in construction is monitoring ground borne vibrations arising from construction activities such as piling, demolition and blasting.

Remote vibration monitoring is often specified by local authorities but more and more, project managers are requiring construction vibration monitoring from contractors to minimise the risk of damage and disturbance to neighbouring properties and structures.

While the risk of damage is often low, this is increased when working near historic buildings and sensitive structure.

In addition to vibration monitoring, we also have a range of wireless sensor systems for monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and moisture, dust and power – ideal for monitoring the internal or external environmental conditions during construction work.

For Structural Health Monitoring the same systems offer wireless sensor netowkrs and real time and on-line monitoring via the CDL SmartHub for parameters such as tilt, motion and crack propagation

We also work closely with Original Equiment Manufacturers to web enable their equipment, offering them and their construction industry clients the opportunities of real time on line information to ensure reliability, maintenance, security, performance.

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Construction parameters measured:

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Moisture
  • CO2
  • Dust
  • Tilt
  • Motion
  • Crack Propogation

Remote Construction Monitoring Products You Might Be Interested In:

RDLvibe building vibration monitoring


The RDL//Vibe is a remote vibration monitoring system - that offers wireless (mobile) connectivity, long battery life (usually 1 - 2 months), alarming (Email and SMS), and constant access to data online via the CDLSmartHub portal.

Caption Data began manufacturing the RDL//Vibe in 2012 and it was originally designed to be robust for use in harsh environments such as construction sites, yet simple to use and sensitive enough to capture low frequency vibrations.


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RDL1000 temperature humidity and moisture monitoring for water damage restoration


The RDL//1000 allows you to connect up to 256 wireless sensors to a single base station measuring Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and WME.

All data is transmitted from a base station via GSM to our cloud-based SaaS platform, the CDLSmartHub, which can be viewed anywhere, anytime from any smart device, laptop or PC. Through the CDLSmartHub you can view real time and historic data, visualise data online or download raw data. (See below for a full list of CDLSmartHub features.)


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Case studies

Vibration Monitoring at the Natural History Museum

Vibration Monitoring at the Natural History Museum Case Study Cover Image

Earlier this year, Caption Data was commissioned to install vibration monitoring equipment at the Natural History Museum.

Since April 2015, a team of conservator’s at the Natural History Museum have been using a remote vibration monitoring system made by Caption Data, to monitor vibration levels surrounding Cranbourne-1, the largest meteorite in the Museum’s collection, while heavy duty work has been completed in close proximity to the meteorite.


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Vibration monitoring during piling near historic hospital

Vibration Monitoring at historic hospital in Cardiff Case Study Cover Image

An increasingly important aspect of project management during construction work, is to understand the impact of ground-borne vibration, on the surrounding community.

Caption Data supplied three remote vibration monitoring systems to Morganstone Ltd, a leading construction service provider in Wales to help monitor vibration levels during pile-driving on a site near Cardiff Bay. Pile-driving is known as one of the greatest sources of vibration associated with equipment used on construction projects.


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