Remote Monitoring – Improving visability of your hire equipment

Equipment hire is a great industry, allowing businesses access to specialist equipment without the large investment of buying, but it has its own challenges. We have recently been working alongside clients to develop a new way to monitor and protect their hire equipment.

“The equipment wasn’t working to full capacity…”
“The equipment wouldn’t switch on…”

There are many reasons for hire clients not paying an invoice in full, but how can you tell what the equipment has been, and is doing on site without a costly visit to the customer? Whether you charge per day, per hour or only when the equipment is in use, making sure the equipment is performing is essential.

Do you know if the equipment is being stored in the right environment to minimising the risk of potential damage or reduction in performance? Do you know physically where the equipment is?

How can you be proactive to reduce risk to your Hire Equiment and your Business?


Our clients are fitting their products with our NanoULTRA to give them visibility of their stock. Our remote terminal unit allows you to monitor a variety of inputs remotely, through our cloud application the SmartHub. Allowing you to set alarm triggers for when a unit is outside of its optimal condition.

We know of examples were equipment has been left out in extreme heat over a long period of time, parts have then melted causing the product to be a total write off. If an alarm was set, a text message or email could be sent to notify all relevant people that operating conditions have been breached. Actions could be taken to rectify the situation before damage is caused.

Could this open up new markets further afield?
With remote trouble shooting it is even easier to service global clients.

If a customer calls in and says their equipment isn’t running it is easy to log in and see if you can identify why:

  • Is the power on?
  • Has it over heated?
  • Is there an error showing and where?

Call outs are expensive especially when the client isn’t local. How much of a saving could you make steering the customer towards solving the problem themselves?
How often do your engineers say that their call out was wasted as a result of not knowing the status of the equipment for example being over run or set up incorrectly?

example of hire equipment, portable generator


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Caption Data Limited is a UK company leading the way in applying remote monitoring and “Internet of Things” technology for the Built Environment, and OEMs, Consultants, Construction and FM businesses operating in that sector. With thousands of installed units across 15 countries, we provide end-to-end solutions, all the way from the sensors to the cloud & our SmartHub™. They deliver real ROI, are quick to install, light touch, and above all are practical for our clients.

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