Why should you be remotely monitoring shock and vibration?

All sorts of structures can suffer from shock and vibration. From major iconic structures to regular houses and factories near sources of disturbance like construction sites; and whether the cause is new construction or renovations, piling or groundworks, demolition or heavy vehicles – remote shock and vibration monitoring can limit liability for damage to structures and equipment.

What are the key benefits of remotely monitoring shock and vibration?

  • Comply with a tender document to provide monitoring of vibration levels throughout the construction cycle
  • Monitor sensitive properties during the construction cycle to ensure vibration levels do not create damage
  • Provide an audit trail of proof that vibration levels did not exceed acceptable levels
  • Provide instant email/SMS alerts if vibrations do exceed user-set limits
  • Limit liability for damage to structures and equipment which is an increasingly important consideration for insurance companies


Shock and vibration monitoring “on-line & real-time” can help….

  • Save time and money by eliminating visits to the site
  • Monitor shock and vibration across multiple sites simultaneously
  • Easily access your data from any web browser
  • Get derived data like “Peak Particle Velocity”
  • Have your data in your hands when you need it, via any mobile, tablet, or computer [with no software to load]
  • Quickly compare real-time data from multiple sites
  • Manage the monitoring frequency, alert levels, notify addresses, etc from any internet enabled device

Caption Data Limited provides a range of remote data monitoring solutions to the structural and environmental industries as well as to OEM’s who need M2M connectivity in their products.

Introducing the Nano ULTRA-Vibe for shock and vibration monitoring

Nano ULTRA-Vibe

Whether your work is the cause of shocks and vibrations or the sensitive structure that is being disturbed by them, we can help reduce the risk of damage and/or limit the liability of damage.

Our shock and vibration monitoring equipment, the Nano ULTRA-Vibe is optimised for low power usage and is powered with double Lithium D-Cell batteries, in addition, it can also accommodate an external power supply. It constantly monitors vibrations and shocks at user-selected frequencies from 10Hz to 500Hz.

It has inputs from two tri-axial geophone sensors typically with low frequency response down to 4.5Hz (With an optional very low frequency geophone of 0.3Hz). Minimum trigger levels are 0.18mm/s while maximum sensor levels are 43.4mm/s. Alarm thresholds can be set to alert any number of recipients by email or text when predefined limits are exceeded. An alarm “event” is captured at high speed for a pre-set number of samples. Nano ULTRA-Vibe uses a fully roaming SIM to lock onto the most appropriate GSM network at any given time.

What happens now?

Contact us to find out how remotely monitoring shock and vibration could save you time and money and make your life easier or take a look at our LinkedIn Showcase Page ‘shock and vibration monitoring’ for news, use, and other information about the RDL//Vibe.



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