Roaming SIM’s dramatically improve Remote Monitoring function and cost

Roaming SIM's dramatically improve Remote Monitoring function and cost

A new range of International Roaming SIM’s available through Caption Data for use on their remote monitoring systems offer huge benefits to customers, and since all CDL wireless remote monitoring systems use mobile phone networks to transmit their data, this is really important for our customers..

Mobile phone signal is variable at best! Phone companies switch masts on and off for maintenance and engineering; even the weather and traffic volumes can impact on signal availability!

The new range of SIM’s enable real-time on-line diagnostics to be performed, this significantly enhances the reaction time to support requests relating to data transmission

CDL Remote data logging equipment uses on-board integrated modems, so every installation potentially faces a varying quality of signal, and a lottery as to which service providers mast is going to be best placed to take the traffic. The new roaming SIM’s will automatically seek out the strongest signal opportunity and so significantly reducing the risk of delayed, or worse still, failed data transmission over the mobile phone networks.

The new SIM’s are internationally enabled so automatically will find the appropriate network even when moved between countries. From a practical point of view this means all the CDL stock and rental units are immediately available for use anywhere in the world.

Even the accountants will be happy with these new SIM’s as they are

  • significantly cheaper than previous roaming SIMS
  • Can be activated and deactivated via an on-line portal
  • Competitive, low cost national and international¬†roaming

To get a quote for roaming SIM’s for your CDL systems please get in touch! Start saving and having more reliable data transmission now!

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