Serial Bus & System Monitoring with NanoULTRA


Universal Connectivity

Huge quantities of industrial, automotive, scientific products now use standard protocols to allow connectivity and communication. The Modbus protocol was published in 1979 by what is now Schneider. CAN bus was developed by Robert Bosch for the automotive industry. These protocols amongst many others allow devices to communicate to each other and to external devices.

The NanoULTRA is immediately compatible with Modbus and CAN bus protocols plus a host of others and has a range of digital and analogue I/O’s

CDLSmartHub IoT Dashboard

CDL are experts at connecting to these protocols in order to gather data and with our CDL SmartHub system, we create a dramatically valuable end-to-end system. This means you [or we] can quickly set up your particular Modbus devices and have you online with data in next to no time.

The CDL SmartHub offers geo-positioning, real-time remote monitoring of data, configure and manage devices, alarms, audit trails, graphs and trends, dashboards, visualisations, and analytics!

Cyber Secure

Developed with security in mind, and proven in many critical infrastructure projects, the NanoULTRA offers fundamentally secure architecture.

The units cannot be called up – they call out at your chosen frequency. The units have no “operating system” so cannot be interfered with.




Read our blog post explaining how to
set up the NanoUlTRA-III with the CDL SmartHub.


The NanoULTRA and Connectivity

The NanoULTRA does a number of things extraordinarily well. In this section we will focus on two particular areas:

  1. The range of connectivity options, and
  2. How easy it is to get units up and running, giving you useful management information

The range of connectivity options

  • As well as 4 instrument grade analogue inputs and digital i/o’s the NanoULTRA has serial, I2C and SPI interfaces.
  • Both RS232 & RS485 connections from the NanoULTRA are possible to your device.
  • Modbus is a standard protocol and CAN bus and GPS are optional.
  • With Modbus you can have up to 4 slave devices [RS485].
  • The NanoULTRA was originally designed for use on Battery packs in remote field locations although many customers now use them in powered applications because of other huge user benefits.
  • Once connected by RS232/RS485 and powered up [whether battery or mains], all configuration & set up including all management of Modbus registers to poll, monitor against alarm thresholds etc., is done from the CDL Smarthub.
  • This can be done on any internet enabled device, via any browser, with no software to load, so no need for local pc connections and local expertise.
  • The CDL SmartHub will memorise controllers and Modbus registers, so if you regularly set up the same equipment time after time and in many locations, its now massively simplified.

How easy it is to get units up and running

  • We describe them as “plug and play” for a reason!
  • As soon as the NanoULTRA has its antenna attached and is powered up it immediately and automatically registers on the CDL SmartHub.
  • If you are a first time user, we will have sent you a log in and password; if you’re a regular user you go to your own company SmartHub portal and the new unit will be visible as a new unit on your list of units, together with pin marker on a map to verify its transmission location.
  • Alternatively you can scan the QR code on each unit to go directly to the relevant SmartHub page.
  • Here you can name the unit, select controllers from drop down menus or add new ones, configure registers, users, etc, add alarm recipients email addresses and SMS details.
  • This is all done by your technician using their desk top, lap top, tablet or smart phone from where ever they are, not necessarily at the site of the device you are monitoring.
  • In next to no time you will have management information flowing at your preferred frequency and alarm conditions set up so that you can manage your assets, improve your service levels, and reduce your risks and costs.

CDL SmartHub

The NanoUltra- III


  • Robust, small form factor, GSM remote telemetry unit with a host of unique features. PDF Data sheet
  • Instrumentation grade, multi gain analogue inputs
  • On board WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Digital I/O
  • Integrated SD card for greater granularity of data, and any off grid time *Certain conditions apply
  • Digital and Analogue i/o’s available (CDL also offer wide range of expansion modules)
  • World wide accreditations offering a truly global, enterprise grade solution
  • GPS location and tracking capabilities
  • Integrated SD card storage for mass storage of granular data sets
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) for agile innovation and system management

From any “Thing” using any Modbus Controller

We’ll have your Modbus products talking to the CDL SmartHub in next to no time.

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