NanoULTRA Shock Data Logger / Sensor for Road, Rail & Sea Transportation

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

This wireless remote asset monitor has possibly the lowest power consumption of its kind anywhere for prolonged field applications via GSM using battery power - allowing tracking for up to one year.

Multiple Sensors

Contains 3 axis accelerometer +/- 200g, ambient temperature and humidity sensor, multiple wood moisture measurement points.

On-Board SD Data Card

The SD card “black box flight recorder” will capture data at a greater granularity than can be transmitted over GSM, and will opperate when no GSM signal is available, e.g. when at sea.

CDLSmartHub IoT Dashboard

Our own IoT reporting platform offers geo positioning, real time remote monitoring data, configure and manage devices, alarms, audit trails, graphs and trends, dashboards, visualisations and analytics!

Nano ULTRA-Shock

Discover More About Nano ULTRA-Shock

Nano ULTRA-Shock Shipping Sensor & Data Logger

Managing surface shipments of high value or sensitive goods has never been easier. Nano ULTRA-Shock is a battery powered, web based, real time monitoring system that tells you where your shipment is whilst in transit, and what shock loadings and what environmental conditions it is subject to. Get immediate alerts direct to your smartphone if a threshold is breached.

Web-based Global Asset Tracking & Monitoring for Shock & Environment. A Real Time Data Logger & On-Line Shipping Sensor for Road, Rail & Sea Transportation.

ShockTrailFeaturing global GSM connectivity and high speed vibration monitoring across 3 axis, with capture of “events” data when a threshold is breached. Plus in-case temperature and humidity, and multiple location wood moisture equivalents. All with alarm thresholds on all parameters set via your own CDLSmartHub triggering email and or SMS alerts to unlimited recipients.

Our new sensor can track your shipment and measure readings whilst in transit for shock, vibration, acceleration, temperature, humidity and moisture, to ensure that your valued goods are handled with the care and attention they deserve.

Key Nano ULTRA-Shock Remote Asset Monitor Features

Ultra-low power consumption
Ultra-low power consumption. Monitor for up to 1 year with daily reports from a single battery pack.
Measure vibration events
Measure vibration events up to ± 200g at 50Hz & know when and where they happened.
Monitor & report Temperature and Relative Humidity
Monitor & report Temperature and Relative Humidity from inside the case.
Monitor & report the wood moisture equivalent of the case
Monitor & report the wood moisture equivalent of the case.
On board SD card
Use the on board SD card as a “black box flight recorder” for extra data granularity and when out of GSM range.
Integrated GSM modem
Integrated GSM modem with international roaming SIM.

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