The similarity between a good IoT solution and taking a drive in a car

Deceptively simple, like IoT Solutions from Caption Data
Deceptively simple, like IoT Solutions from Caption Data

For an IoT solution to be viable, especially for an ‘as a service model’ the following critical elements are essential:-

  • The solution has to be simple to install
  • The solution has to be robust in delivering the all important payloads of data
  • Any servicing that is needed has to be simple to execute
  • The solution is not viable if a high grade engineer is needed to install and commission the solution
  • Installation and servicing time must be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Asset stock performance metrics need to be automated at the top end
  • Any servicing flags that are generated by assets and actions should not need to be handled by high grade engineers, even when the asset is a complicated asset
  • A blend of smart, status based, decision making algorithms need to embedded in both the asset and the server

These elements are key to the success of an IoT solution, especially if it is going to viable for an ‘as a service’ business model.

So the comparison with taking a journey in a car?

A great many of us take for granted (and why not?) how easy it is to jump in car, start the engine, drive to your destination, get out and lock the car.

Billions of hours of engineering effort have gone into making this a painless exercise.

A good IoT solution needs to make all levels of user from installation and service technicians to company directors, feel the solution is easy to manage.

A good IoT solution that works well in all of these areas will of course need many hours of engineering effort ‘under the hood’.

At Caption Data we have over 9 years of business experience and 100’s of man years experience of delivering end to end IoT solutions, often communicating to highly complex assets, in more than 14 Countries.

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