Slim Temperature & RH probe for forced air drying systems

Hygronet in depth temperature and RH probe

As the use of forced air drying systems is becoming more widespread there is a need to be able to monitor the progress of drying, real time.

Depending on the method used quite often there is a need to measure within pipe/ductwork and generally it is impractical to place a whole sensor into the air flow. This can be down to the fact it is physically not practical or the temperature within the pipe work is simply too high.

The hygronet™ slim sensor has been developed in conjunction with leading industry professionals and has been thoroughly proven over more than two years.

Using multiple sensors allows specific humidity measurements to be monitored from airflows into and from the drying machinery. Using the multi-measurement plotting function on the HygroNet webportal you have a powerful remote measurement tool to monitor accurately the progress of any drying regime, real time and on-line.

Key features of the Hygro-FS-Slim sensor:

  • RH and temperature measurements on a 5mm probe
  • Ambient temperature and RH measurements
  • WME measurement input (compatible with HygroBug)
  • Specific humidity measurements in g/m3 and g/kg
  • Battery powered operation
  • Cable free, wireless connection to base station
  • Up to 256 sensors to one base station


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