Social Housing FAQs

Social Housing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does remote monitoring/IoT help reduce the risk of mould growth?

  • You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
  • Traditional surveys to access environmental conditions are taken at single points in time and not over extended periods, this ‘manual’ measurement can provide a false picture of conditions that could lead to mould growth

What information is provided by the monitoring system?

  • The sensors/platform will allow you to identify conditions that are likely to produce condensation and subsequently mould
  • Measurements include

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Dew points

How easy is the system to set up?

  • Minimal training is needed, as a guide a five sensors system could be set up within 30 minutes

How do I access my data?

  • All measurements are available, securely via the CDL SmartHub IoT platform, this supports access via standard web browsers

Can I visualise my data?

  • CDL has developed a powerful social housing dashboard that enables users to easily manage, report, and take action on properties at risk

How does the system transfer data to the SmartHub?

  • The gateway transfers data securely via a cellular connection so no tenant internet connection is needed

How many properties can I manage with this solution?

  • The system is highly scalable with advanced, multi-tier location and user administration

Can I take other measurements with the Matrix+ solution?

  • Yes, there are a wide variety of other measurements, examples are IAQ (indoor air quality), energy, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), Co2, CO (Carbon monoxide), smoke, energy, leaks, occupancy, vibration, door open/close.

Discover how CDL can help prevent mould formation in social housing.

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