Analogue and Digital

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At Caption Data we focus on certain application areas and Market sectors, however all of these are doing essentially the same things.

That is, taking Analogue signals or Digital input/outputs from instruments, transducers or control systems, then capturing the data and transmitting that data securely via the mobile phone networks to our secure servers; then allowing client access to a “cloud” like service where the data is already shown graphically illustrating trends and relationships, and with a host of other functionality.

So although we tend to focus on specific areas, the reality is that many of our products will work seamlessly with any number of other measurements.

The circuitry does not care what it is measuring!

Online and Real Time Graphic

So when a new customer asks us to monitor a parameter we have not worked with before it is often straightforward and quick to implement!

Analogue signals vary continuously over time [for example sound, where microphones turn variations in air pressure into analogue signals] , and instruments tend to have common output ranges eg nowadays  4-20 mA or historically 0-10 Volts.

In theory an analogue signal has infinite resolution, although there are a host of practical reasons making this not so. Consequently many traditionally analogue devices have become digital over the years.

A digital signal is discrete and any changes over time are always a whole single integer value, positive or negative, which also defines the resolution

Digital signals are largely immune to “noise”

Analogue signal

Analogue Signal

Digital signal

Digital signal









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Case Studies Tab - MCS Water Plant Room

Remote monitoring points the way to corrosion prevention

Corrosion of pipework and components in water based heating and cooling systems nearly always results in costly repairs and unwelcome disruption, especially where a large office block, hospital or district heating scheme is concerned. When failures occur in the low temperature hot water (LTHW) or chilled water (CHW) systems the tendency is to investigate the failed component and possibly much later to call in specialist corrosion consultants (Such as Midland Corrosion Services) to find the root cause of the problems and recommend a solution.

By using a combination of high quality reliable sensors and data loggers, all key indicators of system problems can now be continuously monitored remotely from MCS’s main office….

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The Hardware Tab - RDLnano-adl

  • Communicates automatically over mobile phone network
  • Set up system with minimum of effort—allows you to start analysing your usage data in the minimal amount of time
  • Access and visualise data through standard Pc, tablet or Smartphone’s—No special software install needed!
  • Configure alarms when pressures drop OR flows go high!  Send alarms via SMS or email to multiple recipients
  • Full historical trending capability—Look back to investigate demand patterns
  • Share data to multiple parties via standard mediums
  • Access and share your data and control your system from any internet browser
  • On board battery back up with automatic power fail alert for maximum data security
  • Contact us to find out more


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Actually it’s not software! It’s SaaS, Software as a Service. We host all the software on our super secure servers (see more on security), and provide you with real time access to data in graphical format via the CDLSmartHub, which is completely web based and means there is no need to install software – making the CDLSmartHub accessible from any device, anywhere, at anytime.

CDLSmartHub Tab

Features and Benefits

  • Accessible online via the CDLSmarthub
  • No need to download / install software
  • Auditable trail of data for due diligence
  • User friendly interface

  • Initial and ongoing support
  • Multi-tiered user access levels
  • Remote management of system configurations


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