Power and Energy

You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Whether it is improving efficiency through voltage optimisation, tracing and analysing consumption at sub meter level, SmartGrid energy flows, or just the fact “you cant manage what you don’t measure”, there is growing demand for energy monitoring, and of course people want this data turning into useful information and available on-line in real time!

By linking to a range of power meters using Modbus, I2C and similar protocols, we can access monitor and report, with alarms and graphical interpretations on any of the desired parameters:

Power factor
Active and reactive energy
Total harmonic distortion
Average and maximum values

The NanoULTRA-Edge can interrogate standard energy meters assess and accumulate data and send securely via the mobile phone network to our secure servers (Click here for more on security). Our clients then access data via the CDLSmartHub where clients can access real time on–line information, see trends, manage their systems, set alarms and reporting configurations.


Remote power monitoring system for use with Carlo Gavazzi and Socomec power meters

The NanoULTRA-Edge has been pre-configured to retrieve data via Modbus from Socomec and Carlo Gavazzi power meters and automatically transmit the data to our secure data servers. All data is transferred seamlessly and effortlessly via the mobile phone network.

The Nano-ULTRA-Edge sets new levels of performance, connectivity, robustness and return on investment for you. All your data, when you want it, where you want it and how you want it. Feature rich with all the benefits of the CDLSmartHub.


Measurements include


  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Power factor
  • Active and reactive energy
  • Total harmonic distortion
  • Average and maximum values
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Compatible power meters

Any meter with Serial, Modbus, I2C connectivity - including the following


  • Socomec E53
  • Socomec A20
  • Socomec A40


  • Carlo Gavazzi WM30
  • Carlo Gavazzi WM40

Actually it's not software! It's SaaS, Software as a Service. We host all the software on our super secure servers (see more on security), and provide you with real time access to data in graphical format via the CDLSmartHub, which is completely web based and means there is no need to install software - making the CDLSmartHub accessible from any device, anywhere, at anytime.

CDLSmartHub Tab

Features and Benefits

  • Accessible online via the CDLSmarthub
  • No need to download / install software
  • Auditable trail of data for due diligence
  • User friendly interface

  • Initial and ongoing support
  • Multi-tiered user access levels
  • Remote management of system configurations


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