Serial Bus & Control Systems


How does it all work?

Huge quantities of industrial, automotive, scientific and consumer products now use these protocols to allow connectivity and communication. I2C, for example, was invented by Phillips in the 80’s, while Modbus protocol was published in 1979 by what is now Schneider. Canbus was developed by Robert Bosch for the automotive industry, it is now one of the 5 mandatory standards on cars and light trucks in the USA and EU and it is  widely used in industrial applications too.

These protocols allow devices to communicate to each other and to external devices.

As the world becomes more interconnected [The Internet of things] these protocols are the “language” that facilitates connection.

Connecting you with your remote assets via the Internet

CDL have developed significant expertise at connecting to these protocols in order to gather data on machinery performance and integrate the functionality of our CDLSmartHub system, creating a dramatically more valuable whole.

One example of this is a manufacturer of UPS [Un-interruptible Power Supplies] whose products use Modbus.

Our RDL//NanoULTRA system is fitted to the UPS, and completes a number of tasks:

  • Monitoring up to 50 parameters continuously many times a second on the UPS device
  • Comparing these to hi/lo alarm thresholds that are set via the CDLSmartHub and can be amended anytime form any internet device.
  • Monitoring up to 500 parameters at a frequency set by the client of anywhere form 1 minute to 1 day
  • Sending email or SMS alerts as needed
  • Displaying all the information via a hierarchy of screens on line and real time

Geographical dashboard, showing all units with colour coded marker pins that can be double clicked to drill down to individual data.

The Caption Data solution

Our systems work with Serial protocols like I2C, Canbus, Modbus, are low cost, small footprint, robust, fitted with fully roaming international SIM cards, FOTA enabled and suitable for mass deployment when embedded in OEM products and systems.

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