Temperature and humidity monitoring with the RDL//1000

Crack, Tilt, temperature and humidity monitoring with the rdl1000

The variety of wireless sensors available to work with the long-range (1000m range) RDL//1000 system is comprehensive. Our 2 key markets are:

  1. Environmental Monitoring Systems
  2. Structural Monitoring Systems

Regardless of which market the wireless sensors are serving, there are certain common features. These are “smart sensors” with onboard intelligence, transceiver chips, and unique IDs so they can be very quickly and easily set up on-site, with a positive handshake. They can take instructions from the user via the CDLSmartHub to adjust alarm settings, sampling and reporting frequencies, etc. This smart sensor technology also means that individual sensor calibration is possible, without returning units to us.

Wireless sensors for Environmental Monitoring Systems include the following types:

RDL//1000 PT2 or PT4

These smart wireless sensors come equipped with an onboard temperature and humidity sensor. Plus either two or four temperature probes. These are highly accurate probes and are available in a wide range of forms. As standard, the RDL//1000-PT sensors are fitted with 3m of cable and a stainless steel 5mm probe. This is highly durable and can be located in soft furnishings/mattresses etc. in a very repeatable way. Sensors can be mains and/or battery powered.



RDL//1000 DI

Of course with the RDL//1000 system you can trigger alerts based on temperature or humidity, the cause of this, however, maybe that a machine (chiller/dehumidifier/boiler) has tripped out or failed. This sensor is equipped with an onboard temperature and humidity sensor and the capability to take up to eight digital input signals (from Volt free contacts).

The DI smart sensor can be configured to automatically wake up and report in when a digital input line changes state. This enables you to react to the cause rather than the effect and get the environmental control back on track







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