Thanks to Civil Engineering Surveyor

While the rest of the country reads news about 2015’s General Election and the unanimous Tory victory, we’re celebrating a fantastic two-page story in Civil Engineering Surveyor the journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) about how continuous vibration monitoring throughout demolition and piling works is helping to protect a 150-year-old church and glass house.

Continuous vibration monitoring in demolition

Callum Davies, Caption Data, with Julie Collins, Vibration Monitoring Services

“Among other properties surrounding the demolition site, within close proximity there is a church mission and artist Andrew Logan’s Glasshouse studio – an actual house of glass….”

Read the full article in the Civil Engineering Surveyors journal:

This article was also featured in the journal of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), the Building Engineer. 

Interested in the Vibration Monitoring System featured in this months Civil Engineering Surveyor journal?

RDLVibe Building Vibration Monitoring System
A robust and reliable vibration monitoring system with up to one year battery life while continuously monitoring against user set limits, and offering real-time alarm functionality and constant access to data online.

  • Parameters measured: Peak Particle Velocity (PPV), Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement
  • Frequency range: from 0.3Hz to 500Hz (See options)
  • Geophones: variety of tri-axial geophones
  • Wireless communication: GSM (With roaming SIMs for increased efficiency)
  • Battery powered: up to 1 year dependent on sampling and reporting periods
  • Real time: alerts by email and SMS when vibration levels reach alarm thresholds
  • Data available online: manage, monitor and store data online via the CDLSmartHub

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