The Built Environment and the Internet of Things – so what?

CDL have been making buildings smart for years. Here’s a little animation telling more…

The Built Environment and the Internet of Things – so what?

Well if you’re responsible for, say, the health of the public through the proper provision of chilled storage of food, drink or drugs… or if you are running a multi million contract under PFI  to provide services in an NHS hospital, or providing emergency power systems to major travel infratructure, or controlling the climate around a major construction development, then its all pretty important.

Equally for your own organisation – operating efficiently, giving your staff the tools to manage, showing your clients you are leaders not laggards, generating the best ROI for your stakeholders, is all pretty important.

So what we do is hugely important, and we take it very seriously.

So what next? Have a chat with Caption Data if you’re involved with the built environment and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

With thousands of installations around the built environment and the internet of things in 15 countries we know a thing or two about Smart Buildings, Building Management Systems, Energy Monitoring, machine and process data, M2M, the Internet of Things.

We work with our clients end-to-end, all the way from fitting the hardware to getting data to the cloud, to designing SmartHub dashboards to help run their business and demonstrate a return on investment.

Oh, and if you’re not yet convinced, why not see what Goldman Sachs have to say here.


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