The IoT Slam, 28th April 2016 & We’re presenting!

Internet of things slam
IoT Slam

Captiond Data were pleased to be invited to make a presentation at the up-coming IoT Slam [details here]  based on our experience working with OEM and enterprise clients around the world.




This session will explore how Enterprise & OEM Industrial Internet of Things customers are still typically in the early adopter/early majority side of the adoption curve, and what this means for their behaviors.

The adoption curve… applies to IoT too

Adoption of IoT
Adoption diffusion curve


As a result of being early adopters, the embracing of any technological change or disruptive approach to their business must have internal advocates, but will certainly have internal opponents [terrorists!], as well as a silent majority [sheep] who watch and wait before deciding where to place their support.

Internal advocate(s) at Board level are essential. Not least because budget allocation, fear of mission creep, fear of failure, unfamiliar technologies, fear of staff changes, responsibility for program management, unclear budget holders, will all be issues needing resolving.

The ability for the IoT supplier to offer an end-to-end solution and crucially to manage all the elements in the chain of the implementation is key. This means hardware, software, cloud hosting, portal management, creating visualisations & analysis/distillation of the data that help the business change its operating model; and to do this not just during initial pilots, but during full scale roll out, with attention to the business issues as well as the staff and support issues.

All of this needs to be delivered with an understanding of how organizations behave and how the particular organization needs to measure its return on investment.

This session will discuss our experience of supplying end-to-end solutions in 3 separate industrial environments, looking at how their business models changed as a result; the involvement at Board level and why it was so important; and the nature of the end-to-end IOT solution and why this was so important to the return on investment.

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