Top 3 Benefits of Remote Vibration Monitoring

As residential neighbourhoods continue to flourish construction companies, developers and project managers are under increasing pressure to minimise the risks of damage to nearby properties and structures, reduce nuisance complaints and adopt the most ethical working methods. 

Activities such as Demolition, piling and other construction works generate vibrations that if not managed can cause structural damage and nuisance to residents of properties.

There are a number of vibration monitoring solutions available such as handheld vibration meters, shock and vibration data loggers, vibration monitoring systems (without wireless communications) and vibration monitoring systems (with wireless communications). Caption Data specialise in GSM enabled vibration monitoring systems, and with roaming SIMs they always connect to the mobile network with the strongest signal.

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Benefits of a Remote Vibration Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring

The ability to access live vibration data whether you are on site, on the move or from the comfort of your own office, from an online portal accessible on any device.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Realtime vibration monitoring allows you to continue work safe in the knowing that you will be alerted if and when vibration levels reach unsatisfactory levels

Compliance with Standards

The ability to set alarm thresholds for vibration levels helps to guarantee compliance with requirements set out by national standards, authorities and tendering guidelines

Other Side Benefits Can Include

  • Reduced need to visit site as data is collected by the vibration monitoring system and transferred via mobile phone networks
  • Reduced travel costs in time and money
  • The ability to manage more projects

More About Remote Vibration Monitoring Systems

RDLVibe Building Vibration Monitoring System
The RDL//Vibe vibration monitoring system by Caption Data

  • Parameters measured: Peak Particle Velocity (PPV), Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement
  • Frequency range: from 0.3Hz to 500Hz (See options)
  • Geophones: variety of tri-axial geophones
  • Wireless communication: GSM (With roaming SIMs for increased efficiency)
  • Battery powered: up to 1 year dependent on sampling and reporting periods
  • Real time: alerts by email and SMS when vibration levels reach alarm thresholds
  • Data available online: manage, monitor and store data online via the CDLSmartHub

Can We Help You With Remote Vibration Monitoring?

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