CDL Training – we deliver it both home and away!

Training on our new features!

CDL have been busy providing customer training over the last few months, both home and away! Supporting our customers is a huge priority for us. Most importantly, because it gives us direct feedback from them. Spending time with our customers is vital. It allows us to update them on new features. As a result of ongoing product development, we always have something new to share. Consequently, it gives us the right forum to impart new updates. As well as innovative upgrades of our products. In addition to understanding exactly what our customers may need in the future.

Training - Away!
Our skilled Software Engineer delivering updates to an existing customer solution – Training away!

Our customers are unique, so is our training!

Training has taken our teams to various customer sites, both in the UK and US. During these sessions we have shared new features for both hardware and software. In addition to these updates, the training sessions have been uniquely designed for our customer. Above all, here at CDL we see all our customers as unique. Subsequently, what we deliver them needs to be too. Ultimately, delivering key information that is relevant to them, not just a standard approach is key. Most importantly, taking the time to demonstrate the use of the NanoULTRA range alongside their specific assets. Certainly, the goal is to make the training as effective as possible. This can only be achieved by making the training specific to that customer.  Addressing how they use the CDL Solution.

When we were away!

In addition to our five standard hardware products, CDL are agile enough to accommodate some custom partners. We develop our solutions to meet their specific Industrial IoT needs. This could be changes to the hardware, software or both. Subsequently, our training away was to support a custom IIoT solution. The purpose of the trip was to firstly assess the use of the custom IIoT solution.  As a result then provide an approach for successful integration with our customer’s assets. In other words, ensure that our IIoT solution was successfully integrated within our customer’s solution.  In addition, we upgraded some systems to view new custom features. Evolving their solution to continue to meet their needs. Most importantly, leaving them with the knowledge to roll out their custom IIoT solution in the future.

What we delivered at home!

Our CDL team delivering custom training on a standard product – Training home!

Our home trip took the CDL team across the UK. Taking over thirty technicians through using the NanoULTRA – Matrix, across six dates. Similarly, we tailored the training to ensure it was relevant to our customer. Although the NanoULTRA – Matrix is a standard product, how our customers use it is unique to them. Therefore, it was imperative the training reflected that. Firstly, we  looked at standard set up for the solution. Secondly,  we incorporated best practice approaches for using the solution, alongside their assets. Certainly, the result was positively received. Giving a far more in depth understanding of practical use in the field.

Want to know more?

Our mission at Caption Data is to give your business a rapid, seamless and well supported immersion into IoT.  De-risking the implementation of your strategy by utilising the expertise of our highly skilled teams. IoT can add value in many areas in an organisation, so whether you know exactly what you require, or you need our guidance, Caption Data are here to provide that. Caption Data’s IoT solutions can in turn help you unlock more touch points with your customers. Helping you build stronger relationships with more opportunities. Therefore, Caption Data work closely with you, so that you can work more closely with them.
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