Turning a Californian Skyscraper into a “Smart Building”

internet of things Smart Building
Smart Buildng, real time visualisation with sensors changing building colours

We have been working in and around the Built Environment for a long while, long before Smart Buildings became a phrase. First of all monitoring things like temperature and humidity, then getting involved in power and CO2, ventilation and lighting, and providing dashboards to help managers understand what’s going on. Our latest project to provide a temporary climate control “Smart Building” system, involved many of these and a direct interface with heating, cooling and air movement equipment. The newest stage is a “3D virtual building” to help visualise and manage its status.


The Royal Academy of Engineering published a paper on Smart Buildings here


How did we make it a Smart Building?

Some of the steps involved were:

  • Reverse install environmental monitoring to cover each floor, with battery powered wireless sensors for Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point
  • Connect Sensors wirelessly from 3 floors to a base station on every 3rd floor, that collate and transmit data securely and seamlessly via GSM to our cloud based CDL SmartHub
  • Use the SmartHub to monitor events; set sampling and reporting frequencies, monitor battery conditions and cellular signal quality as well as environmental data. Set high and low thresholds on parameters. Run trend analysis with active graphing and management reporting as well as raw data downloads
  • Get the base stations to control a raft of heaters, blowers, coolers, dehumidifiers etc., to optimise the local environment.
  • Link all the sensors to a 3D interactive graphic of the building [shown above] so the client can see, at a glance, from the colours of each floor  how well the environment is being managed, whether there are unanswered alarms, etc.
  • And they can do all this and control the buildings’ environment from a smart phone, tablet or pc, via any internet browser, with no software to purchase or load, creating a Smart Building.

Caption Data are leaders in the field of remote monitoring systems, M2M and the “internet of things” and offer their clients an end to end solution covering everything from the point of measurements through to visualisation, dashboards, management reports and KPI’s via a cloud based SmartHub.

The topology of the Smart Building system:

RDL1000_3G system with control
RDL1000_3G system with control

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