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I am supplier selling products and services into the Water Industry, how can IoT and smart digital solutions add value?

There are many ways IoT can help in the Water Industry, here are just a few:-

  • You may have SLA’s in place for your products or services, having smart, real-time data providing insights regarding service delivery e.g. responding to faults in a timely manner uplifts service delivery (rather than waiting for your customer to contact you)
  • Consistent, accurate cloud-based data allows you to visualise your product or service performance over extended periods of time, this assists with any product improvement decisions going forward
  • Sharing service delivery data with the end-user water utilities company builds confidence and trust, creating a strong and trusting customer relationship Real-time insights open up potential ‘up sell’ opportunities to your customer e.g. gold/silver/bronze service packages
  • What may have been a singular order by order business model could be transformed into a recurring revenue stream, underpinned by real-time data and insights
  • Having a smart, connected digital offering uplifts your company profile and ultimately the value of your company

What can I measure?

Anything! The list is endless, here are just a few examples:-Process signals (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc...and more), PT100, thermocouple, digital I/O, modbus RTU/TCP, RS485, RS232 and more

My customer already has a telemetry or scada system, why don’t I use this?

  • Incumbent systems may well be maxed out in terms of available resource and capacity
  • Integrating new information into these systems requires skilled and in short supply resource which invariably is costly. This can make this option commercially not viable
  • Access to these systems in not typically given to non-water co employees

There is no Wifi/Ethernet available or I simply cannot get permission/access to it, what are my options?

  • Cellular solutions (2G/3G/4G) provide service levels now fit for key operational applications, there is no need for local internet connectivity
  • Access may also be an issue even if there is internet available
  • Intelligent edge based algorithms select the best quality available network, relying on a ‘roaming SIM’ is not enough, edge based intelligence is needed.
  • This also intelligently manages network operator outages – it happens!

I need to retrieve a lot of data, is this possible?

  • No problem, transferring intelligently in the optimum format reduces total data consumption making high data transfers viable
  • Edge based intelligence can remotely monitor key measurements, triggering smart actions if they fall outside of acceptable tolerances
  • Adopting this approach means you may not need to transfer all of the data all of the time
  • This also intelligently manages network operator outages – it happens!

What can I do with the sensor data once I have it?

  • Once the data has been delivered securely to the cloud based IoT platform (CDL SmartHub) from the smart sensor network there are many different ways to harvest value from the information
  • Data from multiple locations can be plotted on one graph, for example being able to track water quality measurements at multiple locations through a network or maybe doing a power consumption comparison on multiple assets
  • Alarms can be configured and sent via email/sms to multiple recipients on any measured or calculated value
  • Information can easily be shared with multiple stakeholders giving you quick analysis capabilities of asset/service delivery performance
  • Data can be interfaced with incumbent management systems, securely. This is a complimentary technology to existing systems!
  • This can include any analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence systems that may have been developed
  • Dashboards can give ‘single glance’ peace of mind that your assets and service delivery is in good shape

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