Vibration monitoring and IoT

Vibration monitoring and IoT 

CDL has a long heritage of monitoring for vibration events, applications have been wide and varied to say the least. From monitoring the effects of waves on a Lighthouse in Cornwall, to monitoring for potentially damaging vibration levels on a 4.6 billion Year old meteorite at the Natural History museum. More regular applications include mainly monitoring construction sites. 

So what has our experience taught us over the years? 

There are different levels of demands for vibration monitoring applications relating to construction/renovation applications:- 

Continuous vibration level monitoring 

  • These are generally high-cost systems and generally are focused on a single/low number of points at any location 
  • High levels of ‘edge’ or onboard processing is needed with these systems 
  • Generally, high skill levels are needed to install and configure these systems 
  • Battery power consumption can be high due to the level of continuous processing that is needed.  

Event-based logging with high levels of detail 

  • Systems would monitor at high speed and capture events in detail if vibration thresholds are compromised 
  • Lower cost option than the previous option which can be more conducive to measuring more points at target locations 
  • The NanoULTRA//Vibe accommodates application needing event-based logging very well 

Event-based, distributed vibration event monitoring 

  • This is the lowest specification of system in terms of the granular detail that is available however provides excellent visibility on where events are happening 
  • The price point is the lowest of these options and lends itself very well to highly distributed vibration monitoring, sitewide 
  • This system is the easiest of all systems to set up and configure, a PC literate technician could set sensors up with less than 10 minutes of training 
  • This type of systems can inform where there may be a need to deploy one of the other system options 
  • The Matrix + solution offers a great fit for this option, battery-powered, wireless sensors gives great, quick coverage of any asset locations 
  • Please find more information on this system on the following Youtube links:-

With all of these options, a browser-based IoT platform is highly desirable. Manually/semi-automatically dialing out from systems is highly inefficient and it is a challenge to scale.  

CDL has developed a scalable, robust, and user-friendly IoT platform that allows you to monitor all of your assets from a single log-in. Emails and SMS alerts can be sent to multiple recipients as a result of any events, allowing you to take corrective action. 

We would be delighted to talk through any vibration monitoring applications you may have, please contact one of our team at or +44 1905 754078

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