Water damage properties, restoration and IoT – Where is the value?

Water Damage

Advancements in IoT solutions have enabled light touch, quick to install monitoring systems to assist with property drying.

Benefits can be yielded by policy holders, insurance companies and damage restoration companies. The headline points are summarised below:-

Reduction of cycle times

  1. Higher throughput of loss handling
  2. Events commonly occur whilst drying properties that extend drying cycle time. These can be picked up by the use of the CDL Matrix+. Events can include:-
    1. Equipment gets switched off every night by policyholder making drying ineffective
    2. Refrigerant dehumidifiers being used in cold conditions
    3. Windows/doors get opened
    4. Polytents get ripped
  3. Drying regime is simply not correct
  4. Every loss has a cost per day index, reducing days loss duration = reduction in costs
  5. Higher efficiency in terms of equipment utilisation as you can off-hire equipment in a more timely manner

Policyholder satisfaction

1.Policy holders who experience inconvenience for longer periods of time will be less satisfied

2.Keep policyholder well informed of drying progress based on tangible measurement data

3. A satisfied policyholder is more likely to renew their policy so retention is higher

Reduce carbon footprint/increase sustainability

1. Optimise deployment of technicians to losses by reducing unnecessary visits

2.With the use of actual measurement data, deploy efficient, fit for purpose drying regimes

3.Off hire equipment at the correct point in time minimising over-drying and unnecessary energy consumption

We would be delighted to talk more with you about how the use of the use of the Matrix+ system from Caption Data can make your restoration organisation more efficient.

Please contact us on +44 1905 754078 for more information or email us at solutions@captiondata.com

Please find our overview of the Matrix+ system on the following link:-

NanoULTRA_Matrix+ for water damage applications March 2020 RELEASED

The Matrix+ system offers a wide range of sensors that can help deliver valuable insights into wider applications such as:-

  1. Building health analysis
  2. Mould and condensation surveying
  3. Historic building monitoring
  4. Timber frame construction monitoring
  5. Wooden flooring applications
  6. Air quality monitoring
  7. Building efficiency surveying
  8. HVAC applications
  9. Construction site monitoring

Please follow the following link for the wider solution options:- https://www.captiondata.com/nano-ultra-matrix-wireless-multi-sensor-monitoring-system/


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