Water damage restoration and Coronavirus – IoT Technology can help!

The water damage industry is experiencing a perfect storm in the UK with the recent spate of record flooding and now Coronavirus.

Unique, un-chartered landscapes of excessive water damage and Coronavirus need innovative smart models to keep business flowing. This is a perfect time to be embracing digital IoT solutions. Here are five top reasons why:-

Challenge associated to Coronavirus

Potential upside leveraging IoT solutions

1 High volumes of water damaged properties with Coronavirus causing a reduced appetite for policyholders to accept visits By deploying an IoT/remote monitoring solution into the property all monitoring can be done off site. Viruses do not travel over digital connections!
2 An increasing number of technicians that will be placed into isolation due to coronavirus or will be home working, so capacity is reduced. At a time with high levels of water damage losses, capacity is likely to already be stretched, compounding the challenge Fewer people can monitor a higher volume of losses with the use of IoT/remote monitoring
3 Policy holder still needs to be re-assured their property is drying Unlike typical manual measurement visits, IoT solutions deliver updates to a centralised cloud platform all of the time, this delivers a greater resolution of data enabling actions to be taken in a timely manner
4 Changes in drying regime may be needed even though the policyholder is in isolation/is not prepared for a water damage technician to visit due to Coronavirus. Firstly the drying regime efficiency can be monitored remotely. If any changes are needed then there is a strong likelihood the policyholder could assist. Examples could be:-

  1. Property could be too cold for effective drying with refrigerant dehumidifiers. policyholder could be asked to add heat
  2. Polytents could have ripped which policyholder could repair
  3. Policyholders could be switching on/off dehumidifiers
5 Your organisation needs to keep a flow of completed losses for cash flow reasons, if you are not able to complete and sign off losses, cash flow becomes a real challenge IoT/remote monitoring provides a perfect model to keep your business flowing. Undoubtedly it will still be a huge challenge however these challenges need a change in approach, it is unlikely that a service model based on a ‘normal’ landscape will satisfy what is happening now
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