Water Monitoring Equipment & Solutions

Single View of Water & Waste Assets

View your entine network of water and waster assets from a single global map with KPIs, trends and drill down options.

Real Time Decisions Based on Live Data

Make cost saving decisions in real time, based on live data and alerts, maximising efficiency.

Compliance and KPI tracking

Produce alarms to key personnel who can take necessary action in the optimum time.

Dashboards on Multiple devices

M2M Water Monitoring Solutions

Overview of Remote Asset Monitoring for Water and Wastewater Applications

Remote monitoring technology has advanced significantly over the past five years. Typically SCADA and DCS systems were the only solution and commonly proved to be unwieldly, expensive, slow to deploy and ‘slow’ in terms of real time data.

Modern M2M & IoT solutions from Caption Data can now expedite the implementation times, save cost and be less onerous in terms of integration into existing management systems.


  • Aggregate measurements via multiple ‘transportation’ mediums such as GSM, GPRS, Ethernet, License free wireless
  • Aggregate data from multiple sites into one powerful, web based dashboard
  • Add to existing systems in a complimentary way and build upon your existing technology platform
  • Real time data to dashboards
  • Remote access and diagnostics


  • Technology platform does not become an obstacle and allows you to adopt a flexible and ‘fit for purpose’ approach – keeps costs to a minimum
  • Deploy solutions efficiently in the minimum of time – the quicker you can get to your data the quicker you can start saving money
  • Having visibility from multiple data sources in one aggregated location gives a powerful medium for making cost saving decisions.
  • Real time data allows you to make cost saving decisions in real time
The Hardware
Application Areas

RDL Nano

Ready to Deploy Asset Monitoring Systems for Water and Wastewater Applications

By utilizing universal remote data monitoring systems, the RDL//nano, we are able to measure virtually any parameter through a range of I/O channels.

Your data is then securely transferred to our secure servers where it can be accessed via the CDLSmartHub.

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Your Data Transformed with the CDLSmartHub

The CDLSmartHub transforms your raw data into operational knowledge.

Through the CDLSmartHub you can manage, monitor and visualise your data in a way that suits you, whether that's in dashboard KPI, graph or global map view.

CDL SmartHub

Live Email and SMS Alerts

Live SMS and Email Alerts When It Counts

Configure SMS and email alerts for individual users to ensure you never lose track of what's going on with your assets.

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What Our Customers Say

"Caption Data assisted us in integrating the telemetry system seamlessly, quickly and easily into our existing system" - National Utility Sales Manager

“Ease of integration is what we’re about. We were able to implement data from the CDLSmartHub against our standard structure by connecting our servers with Caption Data servers” - Real Time Data Specialist

“The system was able to find mobile network coverage with ease by using roaming sims that offer an uninterrupted supply of data” - Specialist Remote Monitoring Consultant

“The ability to remotely access live motion data from this iconic landmark, and to be able to change the threshold at which we acquire such data has been a tremendous asset for our research project” - Associate Professor

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