Water Utilities aiming to become carbon net-zero

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Understanding what energy assets are using or wasting, will help Water Utilities towards becoming carbon net-zero and offer substantial cost savings.

The government recently announced its intention to set in law a world-leading climate change target, which will require significant effort across all sectors of the economy including the Water Utilities industry to become carbon net-zero. Utilising innovative, low-carbon technologies will be critical to achieving this.

Smart remote monitoring offers many benefits:

  • Access energy usage consumption, with real-time data at a granular level facility-wide offering clear insights into where your usage is and providing you with the insights to act.
  • Track energy consumption over time, identifying where energy is most used, and most wasted, enabling organisations to make informed decisions on energy savings.
  • Track cost of energy consumed per unit produced
  • Monitor equipment, to detect changes in the operations and helping to detect degradation and faults, as well as forecasting when maintenance will be needed.

What are the targets of the Water Utilities industry in becoming carbon net-zero?

Running an energy-efficient network. Making the most of energy recovery from wastewater, while maximising carbon sequestration and renewable energy production.

How CLD can help achieve this:

Caption Data work with businesses and organisations in a variety of sectors to help them capture valuable data of their energy usage with smart remote monitoring systems, some current client examples include energy management consultancies, facility management service providers, and large corporations.

Smarthub Energy Monitoring Dashboard
CDLSmarthub Energy Monitoring Dashboard


 Caption Data Ltd has more than 13 Years of knowledge, our Cloud-based remote monitoring solutions for water provide insights via the CDLSmartHub web-based platform.

Using our solutions to help achieve direct cost savings, improved operational and production efficiencies, and contribute towards becoming carbon net-zero.

 Having insightful data readily available for real-time monitoring and analysis, provides you with the tool to make an informed, human decision.

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