Web enable OEM machinery without a LAN – Eureka!

We've got live data.... who the hell cares?

Caption Data continue to leverage on our experience working with a range of machinery control systems, and grow our portfolio of products offering a rapid, cost effective Web enabling capability.

We truly understand the frustrations

With mounting experience in the sector we truly understand the frustrations associated with wanting to retrieve valuable ‘field based’ information from operational machinery and environments.

We can work with proprietary systems and protocols, as well as industry standards like Modbus. This quite often turns out to be a Eureka moment when the full value of this information becomes apparent.

Customers also get the unrivalled benefits of the CDLSmartHub. The CDLSmarthub allows users to view data graphically, set and receive alarms, manage their devices, allow 3rd party access to information, maintain an audit trail, download data and all from any internet enabled device, anywhere without the need to install software or applications.

Within a matter of days from receiving a sample asset we can have data flowing to the web via the mobile phone network.

This can be incorrectly perceived as a costly and lengthy process, but we have evolved systems, techniques and a wide range of hardware options to keep cost and risk to an absolute minimum.

Each machine monitoring system project we have embarked on, we have embarked and worked closely with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – contact us and find out how we can work together to make your operations more efficient and ultimately save you time and money.

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