We’re “Internet of Things” Rock Stars Now – says the IET president

Internet of things, M2M, How cool is that?
Naomi Climer, President IET

So says Naomi Climer in her interview for the BBC’s LIfe Scientific on 16th February 2016. She is the President of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, and talks refreshingly about the “How cool is this?” aspect of The Internet of Things. She also says that Engineer’s shape society and “should be treated like rock stars”

We couldnt agree more!

Our latest “How cool is this?” Internet of Things Project

It concerns a remote monitoring and control [M2M] project in the USA..

The Project involved pulling all of the following steps together:

internet of things Smart Building
Smart Buildng, real time visualisation with sensors changing building colours
  • Take a 20+ floor skyscraper in a Californian city centre location, reverse install environmental monitoring to cover each floor, with battery powered wireless sensors for Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point.
  • Connect Sensors wirelessly to local base stations that collate and transmit data securely and seamlessly via GSM to our cloud based portal
  • Use the Portal to monitor events, set sampling and reporting frequencies, monitor battery conditions and cellular signal quality as well as environmental data, and set high and low thresholds on parameters. Run trend analysis with active graphing and management reporting as well as raw data downloads
  • Get the base stations to control a raft of heaters, blowers, dehumidifiers etc., to optimise the local environment while work is carried out
  • LInk everything to a 3D interactive graphic of the building so the client can see, at a glance, from the colours of each floor¬† how well the environment is being managed, whether there are unanswered alarms, etc.
  • And they can do all this and control the building from a smart phone, tablet or pc, via any internet browser, with no software to purchase or load.

How cool is that, Naomi? This is also part of the Internet of Things or M2M revolution that is significantly impacting the world of Engineering and Technology.

So what our customers see is a seamless end-to-end solution that works straight out of the box, delivering immediate value.

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Engineering and Technology skills we use to deliver IOT

To deliver that seamless end-to-end solution we use a whole range of in-house engineering and technology skills in our business, including:

  • Hardware design & production
  • Firmware engineering
  • GSM technology [GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G]
  • GPS technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Communications & SIM management
  • Battery & Power manageent
  • Antennea
  • Product testing
  • Cloud technology
  • Cyber & data transmission security
  • GUI & UX Graphical User Interfaces & User Experience, multi language, multi time zone
  • System testing
  • Customer support, training
  • Life cycle management

So, Yes Naomi, we agree …. all our staff and our clients’ engineers are Stars!

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