What could you do with the CDLSmartHub?

The range and style of individual uses of the CDLSmartHub are growing fast so its worth sharing these and stimulating more clever applications from our global users base.

Application example one

KPI Dashboard

One client with 50 RDL1000 remote environmental monitoring systems, monitoring Temperature, Humidity and Wood Moisture Equivalents (WME) throughout Nordic countries has a dashboard with “tiles” showing KPI data data – each of the tiles at a click will drill down to individual jobs and technicians. An Icon map in each tile will show the same data on a map wth locations of jobs. All of this functioanlity works from tablets and phones too.

Application example two

Voltage Optimisation Dashboard

A client in the UK sells energy monitoring & voltage optimising systems [using CDL products of course] and wanted to showcase their systems with a big screen in their company reception showing power changes literally by the second and how much cost saving they are generating.

Other remote monitoring applications

A majority of Water companies in the UK are using the CDLSmartHub to view data from instrumentation and help monitor and manage water quality. Real time data, online monitoring, and ease of use are important when there are lots of devices in the field. When a new unit is installed, anywhere in the world, the unit is immediately visible on the CDLSmartHub and can be managed remotely from the CDLSmartHub (by any authorised user on any internet enabled device) setting alarms, configuring sample rates and report frequencies. Ease of administration (allocating units, naming units, closing jobs, extracting management information) is crucial if you have hundreds and thousands of devices under managemment as the water companies do!

Nephnet in manhole

One of the UK’s Water companies, Yorkshire Water, have integrated with the CDLSmarthub through an API to automatically transfer data seamlessly into their existing management systems.

Your data your way

OEM and M2M clients often use the CDLSmartHub to replicate the on board control diagrams and choices on their equipment, so that clients or their own support staff can manage devices via the CDLSmartHub from any internet enabled device and what they see is exactly the same as they would see if they were standing in front of the equipment. This is equally relevant no matter if the end product is an emergency generator or UPS, a chiller unit, a dryer or dehumidifier, or a BMS or CHP unit. Of course they also still get all the usual features like graphing, alarms, remote configuration etc

OEM Dashboard with Map


What could you achieve with the CDLSmartHub?

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