We Explain What M2M Actually Is

What is M2M?

Machine-to-machine or M2M refers to technologies making communication between industrial machinery, sensors, assets and us humans possible.

Communications are made possible using an intelligent device embedded within a machine which can capture data and transmit it wirelessly (or wired). This data can then be used in many ways, for instance to monitor performance, track and alert issues and improve output.

Enter the World of Machine to Machine

This video is from Vodafone, just one of the mobile operators that we partner with.

This video explores a range of M2M and IoT applications, Caption Data remain firmly in the Industrial Internet of Things market.

M2M and IoT

The Connection Between M2M and IoT

M2M is often referred to as a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT), see more on IoT below.

GSMA Intelligence describes IoT as a broad vision of a future where everything – objects, machines and people – is connected and communicating, uniting the physical and digital worlds, involving consumers as well as businesses, organisations and industries, not to mention entire cities.

In comparison, M2M is more concerned with equipping machines, vehicles, monitors and sensors with intelligent devices that enable M2M communications.

History of M2M
Benefits of M2M

The M2M Landscape at a Glance

At the heart of any M2M monitoring solution is a platform for data storage, management, interpration, visualisation, that can easily take data from any source, whilst providing Big Data analytics and integration with other data management systems. The CDLSmartHub by Caption Data is a SaaS platform that does just that and more.

M2M Topology

M2M News and Research

Industry Papers

The M2M market today - from concept to delivery

GSMA Intelligence,

The M2M Barometer 2015


Accenture - Digital Business Era


Government reports

The internet of things and making the most of the second digital revolution

A report by the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser,

The Internet of Things: making the most of the Second Digital Revolution.

The internet of things report by Raconteur

Raconteur, June 2015,

report on the Internet of Things.

Related to

M2M (Machine-to-machine or machine-to-man) is often referred to as a subset of IoT and regularly related to the following.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT, often referred to as the Internet of Everything) is the network of 'things' or machines, people, animals and other inanimate objects that are connected by sensors, software and communications technology to provide data over the air, without human interaction.

Over the last few years, IoT has gained mass appeal by consumers and industries, and even by one high-profile politician who has multiple refrigerators that can be controlled via a mobile phone.

Industry 4.0
Big Data
Cloud computing

The Caption Data M2M solution

Caption Data’s M2M monitoring solution connects your key people with your machinery, assets and other ‘things’ through the internet, to provide real time data, allowing operational insights on events as they happen, trends over time and KPIs through dashboards. Contact us to find out more.

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