Still using old style remote data loggers? Why?


Are you still using old style unconnected data loggers, and if so, why?

Rermote monitoring systems
See your assets at a glance

The latest generation of “connected” remote data loggers or remote monitoring systems – now usually known as IoT or Internet of Things devices are available from CDL. You can read more about us in Engineering Update

Easy to deploy, cost effective and with the back up of a remote monitoring specialist established in 2008 and who do nothing else but remote monitoring and IoT systems.

So, with immediate and hassle free access via the CDL SmartHub portal you can

  • see where all your remote data loggers are, and
  • superimpose on maps/pictures/floorplans/layouts etc, and
  • see at a glance their status compared to thresholds you set, and
  • download trend graphs and reports, and
  • change sampling frequencies or thresholds, and
  • Set alarms on all parameters, and
  • share results from your remote data loggers real time with unlimited numbers of people by email or sms, and
  • do this from any browser, any device, with no software to buy or load!

With a huge range of available sensors, why not give us a call?

If you have sensors with connection capability and want to use the CDL SmartHub portal – why not give us a ring?

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By definition, Remote Data Loggers, are often used in difficult situations – remote sites with lots of contractors coming and going, and/or the opposite problem of locations that are often unmanned for long periods, and to top it all these are often rough & tough environments where equipment is not always respected!

All CDL products are enabled with a “Location Pin“ so you can view from your own on-line portal, the CDL SmartHub! So as well as managing your units, viewing data trends, setting alarms etc, you can also see the location of all your units, at the last time they reported in. Some of our clients have 100’s of units and operate internationally as well.

This feature – the Location Pin – provides an instant Google Maps image showing the location of the mobile phone mast used for the last transmission of data, with a range circle allowing users to see to within a few metres (phone mast density dependent) where their equipment was reporting from.

CDL have created entry pages for some clients where they can see all their equipment, by location, on a map with the colour of the “pins” representing whether any units are reporting out of limit parameters. This not only offers them great visual reporting but with “double click” drill-down it gives great tools to the service staff involved to get to the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible.

So now as well as getting your crucial data, on line and real time, if you are using multiple sets of equipment you can see where each unit is reporting from and whether they are in control or out of control!

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